The Church of St. Rocco


The Church of St. Roch was built in the early 16th century. There used to be a main entrance to Draguć, so the church in that place actually protected the settlement from the plague - at least that was believed before. The interior is completely painted with wall paintings, frescoes, which were made on two occasions, in 1529 and 1537, by master Anton from Padua, as evidenced by one Glagolitic and one Latin inscription. The master was not from Padua, Italy, but from today's Kashcherga, a small town that, if you look across the lake, can be seen from the door of the church. The same author is also credited with painting the church of St. Roka in Oprtalj, and is best known for the Hum triptych - the only known medieval painting by a local painter in Istria. Frescoes in the church of St. Roka, as in most Istrian churches, were not subsequently covered with paint, so their color remained almost completely preserved, except that the fields painted with lead white due to the action of moisture became - black.

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