The Church of St. Mary on skriljinah (Beram)


Church of St. Mary on Shkriljinah is a Gothic church located one kilometer from the center of Beram. It is best known for medieval frescoes painted by Vincent of Kastav in the 15th century. Although experts believe that the scene Adoration of the Kings is Vincent's most valuable work, the most popular scene is Danse Macabre. It is also one of the oldest depictions of this theme. The lesson is that before death we are all equal and that no one can escape it, so the pope, cardinal, bishop, king and queen, fat innkeeper, child, beggar, soldier and merchant walk towards the open grave with the dancing dead.

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very good!!!
This gothic church is known for its medieval frescoes. The frescoes date from the 15th century. The paintings were marvelous and great pieces of art. The chapel is quite small but its interior gothic decoration stands out. Its environment was peaceful and serene.
Visiting this place was a divine experience. I loved how tiny it was. The history of this place was impressive. I was thrilled by the pieces of art on the windows and its ancient style. It is located in a secluded serene environment. I enjoyed my time here, it is absolutely lovely.
The church is beautiful in a peaceful and secluded environment. My brother liked the spacious compound and the decorated flower beds.
The church is worth watching because of the peculariar balconies on the sides. I loved the old pictures of the original building. The fact that on the left of the church there is a museum with lots of treasures, makes it worth a visit.
It exhibits fine piece of art on the windows. Its unique structure is something i would look at forever.
What I loved about the church was the series of frescoes. The frescoes made our journey superb with the thrilling senses throughout the tour.
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