Ethnographic Museum of Istria


Located in the Pazin Castle, this museum can boast a collection of 8000 artefacts pertaining to the rural heritage of Istria.

Most of the items were used in the everyday life of the late 19th century: agricultural tools, textiles, pottery, and traditional arts & crafts objects.

The ground floor of the museum is the home to the model blacksmith’s and carpenter’s workshop, with various tools of trade and a furnace on display.

The first floor of the Pazin Castle is reserved for permanent displays of traditional Croatian and Istrian period clothes. A special room has been designated to represent the traditional rural kitchen with all the usual inventory including the hearth and dishware. There is a section dedicated to wine-making and olive oil making in Istria, as well.

The museum aims to collect and organize ethnographic items of both rural and urban origin. The research includes not only the history of Istria but its contemporary traditions, including music, spiritual beliefs and oral history.

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