Paris Church of St. Nicolas


It was built in its original form in 1266, and was upgraded during the 15th and 18th centuries. Of particular interest is the reticulated Gothic vault of the presbytery with a cycle of frescoes painted around 1460.

These frescoes belong to the very top of late Gothic art in Istria. The same method of building the vault was used later in the construction of some other Istrian churches, including those in the Franciscan monastery in Pazin. The large church organ is the work of Gaetano Callid, and dates from 1780. In 1705, a 45 m high bell tower was erected next to the church.

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52000, Pazin


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very good!!!
It has really nice frescoes, i am a big fan of art and this church was the ideal place for me, i loved how they also upgraded it into a fine monument it shows how much they value their history and culture
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