The Church of Saint Lucy


The Church of Saint Lucy, located in Jurandvor, a small village just outside of Bashka, may just be one of the most famous Croatian churches.


It was built in 1100, as often in these parts on the remains of a basilica dating back to the early Christian period. This single-nave building developed into a monastery complex during the 14th century, the walls of which remain surrounding the church to this very day.


The reason why this site is so important lies not so much in the remains of the previous ages, but in the fact that one of the oldest Croatian monuments was found here. ‘Bašćanska Ploča’ or the Bashka Tablet, written in the Glagoltic script, is the first text ever to contain the word ‘Croatian’. In its dozen lines this text, inscribed in stone, mentions the name of the Croatian king Zvonimir as well.


The original tablet is kept in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, but its copy can still be seen in the church, which was turned into a museum in the year 2000. The Glagolitic script itself has become a symbol of Bashka, which has prompted the local authorities to place large sculptures of its alphabet along the road leading to this important and unique locale in Croatian history.


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