Stone Gate


The Stone Gate was one of the gates surrounding the historic old town of Gradec in Zagreb, and today it is one of the best preserved monuments in Zagreb. was located above the Gate, and it was truly a miracle that is still revered today.
In front of the Gate, at the bottom, stands a sculpture of a popular fictional character from the famous historical novel by August Shenoa, one of the most respected Croatian writers. In this novel, Dora lived with her father in Kamenita Street, the street where the Stone Gate is located, so they decided to put the sculpture there.
To this day, the Stone Gate is a protected source of culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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Kamenita ul., 10000, Zagreb


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I visited the Stone gate and loved the beautiful paintings on the walls. The oath site was a remarkable place to pray and light a candle for happiness.
very good!!!
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