Seget Beach


Seget Beach is a pebble beach in Seget Donji. It is the most popular beach in the town and is located in the town center. There is no natural shade on the beach, so you need to bring your own parasol or rent it. In addition to parasols, sun loungers, jet skis and kayaks can be rented. The sea is shallow and the entrance is gentle, so this beach is a favorite among parents of young children. Along the beach, there are many restaurants with a varied offer of food and drinks.

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public beach


Seget Donji

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Šetalište Vice Zulima - Virulice, 21218, Seget Donji


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We rented some jet skis and kayaks for a fun day at the beach. My friends really enjoyed this pebble beach and later on we went touring the old medieval own and learning more about its history.
We rented parasols to rest on as we sunbathed because the beach has no natural shades. It was a nice experience to go for kayaking with my friends. An awesome get away to adventure.
My kids enjoyed swimming in the shallow water of the sea, also the sea was gentle. The restaurant we stopped over and had a varied offer of food and drinks. What i loved about them is that they even operate at nights and offer fast foods.
The pebble beach was exciting with lots of activities in store for us including renting kayaks and jet skis. Fun moments as we relaxed under the parasols that we rented for shed. The beach is crowded with kids and it has lots of restaurants that served delicious meals and drinks.
If you are a parent, then this beach is definitely for you and your kids. You just need to brace yourself because the kids mights refuse to get out of the water and you might just want to extend your stay because of the beauty of the pebble beach and gentle sea waters. Doesn't have a natural shade so you can carry your own parasol or rent one. There are also restaurants which have amazing foods and drinks.
very good!!!
The charming beach was a good relaxing spot for me and my hubby during our vacation in Croatia. It's quiet,peaceful. I loved the fresh fish and the Dalmatian grilled specialities served in the hotels around the beach.
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