Marmont's Gloriette


This beautiful little pavilion was built in 1808 as a monument in honour of France.

Its construction was ordered by the French army general Marmont, and it was most likely designed by the Italian architect Basilio Mazzoli. Interestingly enough, the then commissioner of Trogir Koriolan Comoli funded the building with his own money since the local population was on the verge of a rebellion, what with being occupied by the French, what with the war poverty, and would not have reacted well to the raising of taxes needed for the project.

The monument was built in the Classical style, with six Doric pillars supporting six beams and forming a hexagon. The gloriette’s roof was a tented roof but only the remains of it are visible today. At the time, the spot where it was erected was completed surrounded by sea, so a small bridge was added to make it accessible from the shore.

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Ul. Hrvatskih mučenika 30, 21220, Trogir


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