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The Rowers island is located on the popular Zagreb lake Jarun. It is one of a total of 6 Jarun islands. The island is quite long and is connected by a bridge with the rest of the mainland. It is easily accessible from the promenade that surrounds the entire lake. The island is named after the rowers who have been training here every day for many decades, and it is also the site of all major competitions in sports. On its eastern side, the island has a long pebble beach that offers panoramic views of the entire Little Lake and the island of Love in the immediate vicinity. On the island of Veslacha there is one catering facility - a coffee bar, but the rest is nearby - across the bridge on the main promenade. The island has natural shade where you can relax from the tiring summer heat. Public toilets and showers are also available.

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The view of the lake from this side is so breathing. There were trees that gave good shade. We were lucky to have been there during the boat rowing competition. There are also public washrooms and coffee bars.
Everything about the place was just phenomenal, from the bridge around to the panoramic view of the lake to the dense vegetation providing natural shade and the delicious food served from the nearby restaurants.
The place is really beautiful especially if you are into photography you will definitely enjoy the visit. There are great panoramic views where you can take pictures of the entire lake as well as enjoy nature
very good!!!
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