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The Main Beach Jarun is located on the lake of the same name in the city of Zagreb. The beach is long, completely covered with fine white pebbles and follows the circular line of the lake. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to bring sunscreen. It is often crowded here in the summer, when locals and tourists flock looking for a break from the tiring summer heat. Above the beach is the Jarun promenade that connects the whole lake. On it you can find everything you need - cafes, restaurants, patisseries, several beach volleyball courts, public showers and toilets, and lifeguards are available daily. The main beach is especially suitable for the elderly and families with children because the entrance to the lake is gentle and shallow.

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Jarun lake

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I found the beach to be quite beautiful especially from the well-arranged while pebbles that followed the circular line of the lake. The presence of shower booths was also a nice addition to get cleaned up before leaving the place
This lake is really beautiful with the white pebbles surrounding it. There are a lot of cafes here that offer delicious meals. It is nice since there are life savers and many people mostly during summer. I enjoy playing volleyball here since I can shower in the public showers. It is a place worth spending your holiday.
The presence of the facilities such as shower booths and lifeguards were reassuring that the beach cared about its visitors. The beach was overcrowded when I visited so don't expect some privacy while there
very good!!!
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