Porporela Beach


Porporela Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Krk. Not only is it a beautiful beach, but it has also been awarded the Blue Flag which guarantees clear sea, quality and a well-equipped beach. This beautiful Krk beach is only a few minutes walk from the city center and is located near the camp Jezhevac.

One part of the beach is sandy, while the other part of the beach is a pebble beach, which with many benefits and easy access makes this beach perfect for families with children, people with disabilities, elderly swimmers and all other people. Well-organized and arranged entrance to the sea is ideal for people with disabilities and less mobile swimmers.

Lifeguards, showers, beach bar, deck chairs, kayaks, scooters and pedal boats are just some of the advantages of this beautiful beach that will allow you both to enjoy the view of the historic center of Krk and the view of the island of Plavnik opposite Krk at the same time.

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Could not imagine i managed to visit the place and it was exactly how i had pictured it. Great place with awesome people and when i took a walk along the beach during sunset it was a marvel to watch and be at the beach.
This was the best beach i have visited in my life, it has a photography bay stretched into the sea known as the red lantern where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the sea, the caffe bar bistro porporela had tasty foods and drinks, i also went nearby and rented out a sun lounger and basked on the beach, i totally enjoyed it
Lots of food spots and drinks too that we managed to visit while at the tour to the beach. The cold and hot drinks served were great and sweet with delicious meals served at different spots and we also had some take away joints that we loved to go to.
A little bit of pebble here and a little bit of sand there made Porporela a beach of impeccable beauty. It's the ne plus ultra of beaches.It hosts people of all kind;he elderly,the handicapped,children as well. the beach is keen to its safety policy for all its visitors. It has ample public amenities to complement everyone's comfort. My friends had fun walking to the beach in particular,enjoyed the view of the beach and the historic center. The crowdof guests wasn't overwhelming.
Favourite beach with natural shade from pine trees and amazing deck chairs and umbrellas too that we rented. Relaxing at the beach was superb as it was quiet and peaceful beach that is not so crowded and ideal for the vacation.
This part pebble and part sandy beach is ideal for everyone from the disabled to the elderly, the beach itself ensures safety for all who visit. It even has public amenities to make everyone's visit comfortable. My family and I especially had fun walking to the beach and the view of the beach and the historic center. I found the visiting crowds not overwhelming, a commendable place to visit.
very good!!!
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