Mala Stiniva Beach


Near the town of Jelsa on the island of Hvar there is a small stone bay Mala Stiniva. The original Mediterranean atmosphere that creates scenes of clear sea in contact with the rocks and the smell of salt is felt in the air and will surely enchant you.
The beach is easily accessible and can be reached by car, and there is a parking lot nearby. Only locals and adventurers can keep you company here, so it is ideal for romantic breaks for two and an escape from reality.
Get away from the city crowds and enjoy the total pleasure, surrounded by peace and quiet with the noise of the sea and the sound of crickets. Treat yourself to complete relaxation and forget about all worries and problems

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public beach


Island of Hvar

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21450, Hvar


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Charming place with sandy beaches and the atmosphere at the beach is wonderful. i enjoyed the vacation with my girlfriend when we visited and got a treat of the best that the place had to offer. The place is not crowded and serene with rocks and ideal for swimming.
This is the perfect getaway for newly weds who want some time alone. The beach is not crowded and that alone is a plus for me. It gives a relaxation vibe because the only noise you are likely to hear is the sound of the ocean waters hitting the rocks andthe swaying trees. the salty breeze from the sea will definitely have you feeling relaxed and out of this world.
This was a good escape from reality with my fiance. The beach is away from the crowds and is surrounded by peace making it the perfect place to rekindle love. The sound of the crickets in the evening created an enchanting music into my ears.
We were welcomed to the beach by the original Mediterranean atmosphere that creates scenes of pure sea in touch with rocks and the smell of salt is felt in the air.A good swim in the crystal clear sea and the experience of the unforgettable touch with nature is something we won't forget.
I loved the sweet fragrance of salt in the air from the rocks in contact with the sea. The Mediterranean atmosphere was enchanting . Will definitely comeback.
very good!!!
The beautiful and peaceful beach of Mala Stiniva is masterclass. It is the best place I relaxed while listening my favouratite music.
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