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Ilovik is the southernmost island of the Loshinj archipelago, connected with the island of Loshinj by boat, and by catamaran line with Mali Loshinj, Rijeka and Zadar. Unlike other islands of the Loshinj archipelago to Ilovik, you can reach the bay Mrtvashka (the southernmost point of the island of Loshinj), from where transfers are organized by sea to the island of Ilovik (10 minutes).
Hiking trails start from the town of Ilovik to the bay on the other side of the island (Parzhine, Parkna, Vela and Mala Draga) and along the sea to the bay Suchadrija.

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If hiking is your thing then this is the place to be.The trail isn't that bad to be honest so if you aren't a huge fan i'd really recommend you try this trail from Ilovik - Parzhine.You can be able to see different bays such as Parkna,Vela and Mala Draga. There is also an option of taking a boat to Loshinj island.
I gave it a five star without any hesitation because it one of a kind. The place is easy to explore by foot and it has this magnificent view especially at night.
Hiking in the beach of Ilovik remains memorable even today. We accessed the beach using a boat. it took us only 10 minutes. The beach have shallow clear waters. there are small pebble stones which make the place look just magnificent.
very good!!!
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