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One of the most beautiful bays in Loshinj is definitely the famous sandy bay Chikat. Its unique beauty is complemented by the nearby dense pine forest park, which was planted at the end of the 19th century by the famous Loshinj naturalist - Ambroz Harachich.
Due to its sandy structure, Chikat is an ideal beach for families with children and the youngest ones.

Today, in addition to the pine forest, which replaced the former olive groves, Chikat is also adorned by the nearby historic villas of the Austrian nobility, which have today been converted into top hotels and residences.

Chikat is also a favorite sports destination, and in addition to water sports such as water polo, sailing, surfing school and diving school, you can find a football and handball club.

There are several attractive marked hiking trails through the Park Forest, and near the sandy beach there is a children's playground and mini golf.

When you are nearby, stop by the Cape of the Annunciation, namely there is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was built in 1858. It is a traditional votive shrine of Loshinj sailors.

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First of all, this beach is a quite the site! The dense pine forest compliment the beauty that is the blue sea waters and sandy structure. It has a rich history and this only makes it even more interesting. It is suitable for families with children because of the sandy structure. The top hotels are also available for the visitors. It's also a sports destination so you are sure to break a sweat here. There is a children's playground near the sandy shores. Lovers of ancient history, There is a church with a very interesting history.
My child enjoys building sand castles and digging up holes on the beach that he can hide treasure and make me find it. We enjoyed our stay at the nearby historic villas of the Austrian nobility which was beautiful.
We went hiking through the guideline of the hiking trails around and it was an adventurous experience to walk past the park forest. We involved ourselves in several sport activities such as handball, football, golf , water surfing among others, and they were adrenaline igniting leaving us high all the time. I also joined a diving school during my vacation, and thanks to my teachers now am a Pro Diver.
My kids loved it playing in the sand where they formed sand dunes and hills. The bay is very beautiful, its beauty is glorified by the pine trees planted around contributing to the serene environment of this beach. Ideal for families with young kids.
Unique beautiful sandy beach that we managed to visit with my family and loved the experience. Pine trees offered a great shade throughout the day and we enjoyed the sporting activities that were fun and the kids loved the beach. Topping it off was the comfortable hotels that we were residing that we loved completely.
very good!!!
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