Bataria Fort


The Bataria Fort is somewhat of a hero-fort, so to speak. It played a crucial part in the famous Battle of Vis in 1866 during which the invading Italian fleet attempted to reach the Vis coast through the port. The fleet, led by admiral de Saint-Bon, engaged into a cannon duel with the garrison in the fort, and inevitably lost the battle, with some of its ships damaged and some completely destroyed. This comes as no surprise since the fort was equipped with eight cannons and could well take on a number of ships at the same time.


The location of the fort was perfect for military use: located in the very center of the port of Vis, surrounded by a trench two meters deep, with thick deep stone walls and loopholes as the only windows it was sure to withstand any attack. It was built in 1830 during the Austro-Hungarian administration, and renamed as Batteria della Madonna (or, Our Lady’s Fort / Our Lady’s Battalion) during the later Italian rule.


After 1873 when most of the forts were abandoned by the military it was converted into a hospital and later an orphanage. Nowadays, its purpose is completely civilian and clutural since it houses the Archaeological Museum of Vis.

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