Bacina Lakes


Spreading over the area of 138 hectares, these lakes are often referred to as gems adorning the countryside of Ploche.

The comparison is an apt one - according to old stories, the Illyrian warrior queen Teuta was a great fan of the lakes, which is why they are also known as ‘Teuta’s pearls’.

There are seven of them: Crnishevo, Ochusha, Plitko, Podgora, Sladinac, Shipak and Vrbnik. The first six are connected by way of cycling and hiking paths, while Vrbnik remains isolated in that respect. The mainland of Sladinac Lake is the location of the remains of the old Roman settlement Praetoria, with the remains of an early Christian basilica dated to the 6th century AD near by. All of the lakes are fresh water lakes, with the bottom slightly below sea level. The deepest of the lakes is Crnishevo and at its bottom the sea water mixes with fresh water, at a depth of 34 meters.

The amazing landscape of these lakes is always quiet and peaceful, even at the peak of the tourist season. Aside from hiking and cycling you can explore this area with a kayak, as well.

The lakes are located halfway between the city of Split and city of Dubrovnik, only 2,5 km west of Ploche, and can easily be reached by car.

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