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Blace Beach is located in Ploche, at the confluence of the beautiful river Neretva and the sea. The beach is easily accessible on foot and by car. It is completely covered with small white stones, both on the coast and on the seabed. The beach is quite long and wide, but very popular with locals and tourists, so don't be surprised if it's crowded. The beach offers a beautiful panoramic view of the nearby island, which, if you are an excellent swimmer, you can reach by swimming. There is no shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the strong sun. Also, apart from changing cabins and public toilets nearby, there are no additional facilities or facilities, so be sure to bring everything you need with you. If you still decide to go for lunch to a restaurant or a cocktail in a coffee bar, don't worry, you will find taverns, shops and local cafes within walking distance.

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The changing cabins and toilets available made it easy destination of our vacation with my fiance. Crowded place with people from different places and we enjoyed interacting with them and even playing games and w enjoyed our time at the beach.
The panoramic view of the neighboring island is breathing taking. I went on a mission to reach this beautiful location and I was amazed by the vibrant life there. It was a worthwhile exploration and I will visit again with my fiancee.
We had an awesome time at the beach and it was crowned with a visit to the restaurants and bars spots around the beach. Unforgettable moments with my family as we went sampling the best dishes in town and the amazing drinks that were served with the meals. Delicious and tasty meals that we loved especially the sea food.
The white stones at the beach were great to walk barefooted and gave me the best experience at the place. We went swimming with my friends and the beach and the cool waters of the turquoise sea were glaring. Nice encounter and it was lovely with scenic sight of the island and the sea too.
very good!!!
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