Uvala Slana


Do uvale Slana moguće je doći plovilom ili pješice od Barbata. Nalazi se na sjeverozapadnom dijelu otoka, uz rub Paških vrata, odnosno ulaza u Paški zaljev s Velebitske strane.

Slana je ispunjena dugačkim, prostranim i izrazito lijepim pješčanim plažama. Osobito je lijep vizualni doživljaj ravnih, golih stijena koje se na tom području uzdižu okomito nad morem. Uvala Slana pogodna je i za ribolov.

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Otok Pag

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I enjoyed fishing in the beautiful bay. The flat bare rocks that rise vertically above the sea is a beautiful visual sight to see. There are also long spacious beautiful sandy beaches around that you will get to enjoy.
Can be easily accessible by boat. It is a sandy beach that has flat bare rocks that are unusually high making the beach beautiful to watch. it is mostly good for fishing but tourists would also like to take a dive in the cool waters of Siana beach.
The beaches here are vast suitable for parties and can also accommodate a large number of people. The beauty of the beach is marvellous especially the rocks that provide an ample shade where one can relax. The beach is amazing.
I took a walk to the bay and the place was as beautiful as it was in the guide. The locals were of much help to me in finding my way to the hotel and I also helped them do some fishing that they could sell. It was great fishing with them because it was my first experience.
The sandy beach is beautiful and we enjoyed a walk along the beach and loved the scenic views of the sea and landscape. we even went fishing at the sea and had fun with a good catch.
very good!!!
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