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Na 5 km od centra pronaći ćete najpopularniju plažu na Trogirskoj rivijeri. Uz vodeno-sportski centar, 2 km dugačka šljunčana plaža nudi i broje beach barove i restorane koji rade dugo u noć.

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I was happy to find restaurants that operate even during late hour nights. Meals served in the restaurant were of a wide seldom and the restaurant services were fast. Thanks to the charming restaurant attendants who gave us a homely treatment.
This is a good spot for water sports activities and i enjoyed meeting new people, taking photos and having fun at the numerous bar beaches and enjoying the delicacies at the restaurants that work long into the night.
We visited the pebble beach and it was entertaining. We enjoyed the sporting activities and had a walk along the beach and it was fabulous. The beach bar and the restaurants across the beach were spectacular with amazing dishes and drinks too.
I was enchanted by the beauty of the pebble beach that has warm , clean crystal clear water for swimming . The lively aura music playing in the beach bar was relaxing . From the villa apartments we rented, we were treated to magnificent views of the sea.
The beach ahs various sports facilities. The bars and restaurants work long into the night t cater for everyone's needs. It is no so crowded but it is usually frequented by a number of tourists. This makes it a busy place and the foods and drinks served here makes it a party-all-day-an-night affair.
very good!!!
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