Plaža Kuzmića


Plaža Kuzmića je šljunčana plaža s betonskim dijelovima u mjestu Okrug Gornji na otoku Čiovu. Na plaži ima dosta borova koji stvaraju prirodan hlad tijekom ljetnih vrućina. More je plitko i ulaz je polagan, zbog čega je plaža dobar izbor za roditelje s malom djecom ili starije ljude. Moguće je unajmiti ležaljke, suncobrane i jet ski. Okolni ugostiteljski objekti nude raznoliku ponudu jela i pića.

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Place Type

public beach


Okrug Gornji

Place Location

Ul. Ante Starčevića, 21220, Okrug Gornji


(4 reviews)
Kuzmicha beach is a small pebble beach. The small stones come in different sizes and shapes and colour. Very stunning. We got friends with two locals living there and running some family cafe along this beach. Friendly strays animals show you that life still exists on this planet.
This beautiful pebbled beach offers great shade from the endless pine trees on the beach which is great for protecting yourself from the summer heat. The public beach is family friendly but doesn't offer any sports activities. The sea is quite shallow and suitable for children. Loved the catering services nearby and the refreshing drinks offered after a long day at the beach.
Kuzmicha beach has plenty of pine trees which creates an amazing cooling environment. When the sun is out, it reflects in the sea creating a magical view. The beach is a pebble with concrete parts.
very good!!!
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