Plaža Munte


Plaža Munte nalazi se u Premanturi i jedna je od rijetkih hrvatskih plaža prilagođena slijepim osobama kao i osobama sa invaliditetom.

Plaža obuhvaća stjenoviti dio obale, uređen popločen dio za sunčanje i odmor, zaklon u hladovini, te lagan pristup moru odgovarajućim stepenicama koje polako uranjaju u more.

Na samoj plaži nema dodatnih sadržaja.

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I found the beach unique in that it was able to host people with disabilities, despite this it is beautiful in itself. It has a rocky part with another paved section for sunbathing and relaxation. The most intriguing features are the steps that slowly immerse in the sea, giving access to the sea. A relaxing place to visit.
I think the beach is unique ,being among the few that can host people with disabilities.Aside from this ,it is quite lovely.There's a rocky area and a paved part for sunbathing. Among the most interesting features are the steps that gradually submerge in the sea. It's certainly a place you'd like to visit.
The most unique thing i have ever seen on a beach was the stairs slowly immersing in the sea, which i found very epic and nice for photography and creative videography, there is also a section for the blind and people with disabilities, this beach was very considerate.
very good!!!
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