Katedrala Sv. Duje


Među europskim katedralama splitska ima za sjedište najstariju građevinu - mauzolej rimskog cara Dioklecijana. U njoj, na koncu drugog milenija, povijest izmiruje pogansku antičku, kršćansku srednjovjekovnu i modernu baštinu. Mauzolej cara-progonitelja kršćana postaje sredinom 7. stoljeća katedralom u kojoj su na počasnim mjestima postavljeni oltari s relikvijama Svetog Dujma i Svetog Staša, mučenika pogubljenih u obližnjem Solinu.Zvonik katedrale (57 m) je najizvornija dalmatinska srednjovjekovna građevina započeta u 13. stoljeću. Zvonik je na prijelazu iz 19. u 20. stoljeće temeljito obnovljen i ponešto izmijenjen. Danas se stepenicama moguće popeti na vrh zvonika, s kojega se pruža spektakularni pogled na cijeli Split.

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Ul. Kraj Svetog Duje 3, 21000, Split


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very good!!!
We were delighted to learn the great history of Pagans and Christians . Ideal place for culture lovers
We got to the cathedral at 12:30 and it was very quiet. We wonder around a bit before we realized that you could go up to the top of the bell tower (free!); so up we went, up a very narrow spiral staircase, zig zagging our way up like drunken sailors; but it was worth it.
The medieval cathedral is rich of history and cultural heritage. It was fun to climb the stairs up towards the bell tower. I enjoyed the panoramic view of the whole Split from the top which was spectacular.The Cathedral offered magnificent architectural buildings whose sights are satisfying.The tour is still unforgettable.
this cathedral is simply a work of sheer beauty. the gates pillars even the service I attended was breathtaking. its a place that one has to visit
The exterior beauty of this church just stands out. The bell tower of this church, which is dedicated to Saint Domnius, is stunning. This church has styles from different ages both Romanesque and Medieval styles. I enjoyed touring this place and admiring its ancient structures and statues. Its interior design was spectacular. I really loved it
The visit to the Cathedral of Saint Domnius was fabulous and i had the chance to climb up the staircase to the location of the bell at the tower and enjoyed the dazzling views of the city and landscape. The Cathedral holds a a great medieval history and has a beautiful architectural building that poses as a major structure around. It has the ancient Roman touch with beautiful altar inside the cathedral.
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