Plaža Bukva


Plaža Bukva nalazi se  usred Karinskog mora u blizini manjeg gradića Pridraga.  Plaža je napravljena od kombinacije sitnog pijeska i šljunka a možete pronaći i prirodnu hladovinu u sjenama visokih mirisnih borova. Ulaz u more je blag, a dno je prohodno i sačinjeno od sitnih kamenčića. More je toplo, ugodno te vrhunske čistoće i kvalitete. Blizina apartmanskog naselja smještenog povrh plaže vam nudi na izbor sve objekte i sadržaje koji vam mogu biti potrebni, jer ih na samoj plaži nažalost nema.



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Relaxing under the giant pine trees and experiencing the cool breeze from the waters while reading a book was a blissful experience. This trip allowed me to relax and enjoy the nature of this beautiful location. Next time i will for sure tag my husband along
This beach is made up of a combination of fine sand and gravel with natural shades from the fragrant pines growing here. The sea is warm an dpleasant with a mild entrance, the beach has apartment complex nerby that provide additional facilities needed. It is a nice place to visit and relax.
If you want to learn how to swim this beach offers you the space to do that since it is warm and calm. Perfect for walks due to the fine sand and gravel on the beach. There beach has no facilities but all these can be found at an apartment complex right above the beach.
very good!!!
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