Plaža u kampu Straško


Plaža Strasko u istoimenom kampu je lijepa  manja plaža . Plaža je šljunčanog karaktera što ju čini pogodnom za mlade i obitelji sa djecom. Pošto se nalazi u sklopu kampa, na raspolaganju imate mnogobrojne sadržaje i objekte za bezbrižan odmor i potpunu relaksaciju.

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public beach


Otok Pag

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Planning for place to stop your camping caravan then Beach camp of Strasko is the place you should consider. Camping infrastrure in this beach is well maintained and the beach well secured. The beach iss reltively flat hence makes it a suitable site.
Located in the camp o fthe same name, this beautiful beach is a nice place for people who love the outdoors. Campers camping in the camp nearby get to enjoy spending time in this beach to just let lose and relax. This beach is not so crowded and any required facilities are located at the camp close by.
The kids the numerous activities in this location ranging from ball games to water escapades. My husband and I relaxed in our rented deck chairs and parasols. It was relaxing for the entire family
very good!!!
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