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Restaurant Vodnjanka is a great choice for lunch for two, but also larger groups. Vodnjanka is a restaurant with traditional Mediterranean-Istrian cuisine that boasts top quality dishes, quality ingredients and friendly, professional staff. All these items contribute to the autochthonous Istrian atmosphere and the friendly atmosphere to which guests are very happy to return. Popular items on the menu are certainly fresh sardines, squid and other seafood and meat dishes such as lamb, and the wine list offers you a choice of many top Croatian and foreign labels.

№4 in 11 Restaurant from Pula
№37 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia
Phone: 098/175-7343

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Ul. Dinka Vitezića 4, 52100, Pula


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very good!!!
One of the best places that I visited and enjoyed on my trip around the place. The Restaurant Vodnjanka has some awesome dishes and the menu is worth the visit. We enjoyed the drinks with my fiance and it was splendorous
The menu was rich and we had a variety to choose from the Mediterranean- Istrian cuisines. We tried the fresh sardines and squid and am glad it was a choice for us, i cannot regret the money i spent here. There's quality value for money.
The red-brick walls, ancient wall art, and wooden furniture give the location a calm and traditional ambiance. my wife and i liked dining here during our vacation.
Their sardines were really delicious. They Were well prepared. Its interior decoration was really stunning. I enjoyed my moment here
Their menu is based on Mediterranean - Istrian delicacies. It has a quiet serene environment. The squid dish was really delicious. It was very juicy. Their wine collection was thrilling.
The traditional Mediterranean-Istrian delicacies served in this location are delicious. I love the sardines and squid prepared here. I will tag my best friend along on my next visit.
8 of 11 Restaurant from Pula based on rating