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Hook & Cook


In this modern street food restaurant you will enjoy dishes made from the best fresh seafood and fish procured by local local fishermen. Here you can taste local traditional flavors prepared in a modern and innovative way every day. Especially popular are Tuna tacos, Fritto Misto and Tuna Steak burger available to guests every day at affordable prices and great ambience.

№3 in 11 Restaurant from Pula
№25 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia

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Ul. Sergijevaca 18, 52100, Pula


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I really loved the creativity behind this place. Its a street seafood restaurant. The tuna steak burger was the perfect street bite. I liked how it was prepared.
This restaurant is a modern street food restaurant. The food is quite affordable. I loved their tuna tacos. I could feel its traditional seasoning everytime I took a bite.
The food is served in great quantity and at an affordable price. eating from this location always helps me save some money. I love it.
very good!!!
We tasted the local traditional flavours prepared in a modern street food fashion and i must admit that the taste is something to die for. We ate tasty tuna burgers, it was tasty and was fast served, we had the perfect combination between modernity and fish. Typical street food vibes, am craving to come back.
We had great craft beer at an affordable price here. The food was fantastic and authentic. We tried the Fritto misto, tuna burger and fried shrimp and the tuna steak burger in a black bun, they were all delicious. Great foods.
It's Fritto Misto was amazing. It very tasty and delicious. It was served while hot. The staff were pretty amazing and friendly
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