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Restaurant Palute


You’ll be missing out on a pivotal part of the Dalmatian seaside experience if you don’t set aside a twilight for dining on the coast of Brach. The promenade in Supetar is a particularly magical place and the restaurant tavern Palute is one of the best places to serve you the pleasure of the Mediterranean dining. It is a perfect place for a family gathering, a fun dinner with friends or a romantic night-out. You can dine indoors but the best place to feel the sea breeze and watch the sun set over the horizon is the restaurant’s large terrace. The menu will not disappoint you, either: the fish platter, the seafood, the grilled meat, just a few options among the many. Don’t forget to order the wine, and then rest back and enjoy the perfect summer moment.

№6 in 7 Restaurant from The island of Brac
№1176 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia

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Porat 4, 21400, Supetar


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very good!!!
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