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Restaurant Najade is located on the Opatija Riviera in the romantic town of Lovran. It attracts its guests with a spacious terrace located just above the sea and offers a phenomenal view of the Adriatic. The menu is based on Mediterranean cuisine, and specialties include a wide selection of fresh fish - from sea bream, leaves, sea bass, monkfish to crabs, lobsters and shellfish. Pasta, peka and buzara dishes are also popular. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal and locally grown, which greatly contributes to the quality of each dish. The wine list contains numerous Croatian labels, and the friendly staff will help you choose the best combination.


№2 in 5 Restaurant from Lovran
№116 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia
Phone: 051/291-866

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Šetalište maršala Tita 60, 51415, Lovran


(9 reviews)
very good!!!
The staff were very friendly to us, my wife asked for the recipe of tris and sorbet and the waitress explained to her into details. The dessert was above average, the pasta and risotto with calamari had incredible tastes. The prices are fair.
I loved the fact that the ingredients used in the cooking were locally grown and prepared. This improved the quality of the food and the taste. I had an amazing experience here and i will be back soon.
We most definitely loved this place, the terrace located above the sea waters offers an amazing views of the waters and the food very tasty and on point. My wife enjoyed spending time there during our romantic trip.
We had a great Time when we visited this restaurant. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and we enjoyed the food, particularly the calamari starters and the fish soup. We stayed there for several hours, talking with a bunch of locals who were also enjoying their evening out. It was one of the best evenings i've had in Croatia!
It is a small restaurant in Lovran. It's located on the main street, just before the beach. I went there with my husband and we had a great time. The service was excellent, the the the food was tasty, and good quality ingredients were used. The atmosphere is lovely and relaxing even though this is a very popular restaurant.
It was a nice gem that we stumbled on, the great terrace by the sea gave us the full view over the sea.The services were amazing , the octopus salad accompanied by delicious main course with fresh fish is a thing to die for. Perfect place to eat.
4 of 5 Restaurant from Lovran based on rating