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Draga di Lovrana


Restaurant Draga di Lovrana is located within the eponymous hotel in the romantic Lovran. The menu of the restaurant is designed as a combination of local, coastal gastronomy and classic French approach to food and groceries. The ingredients used are fresh, locally grown and seasonal, so the menu itself changes depending on the season and the availability of certain products. The specialties of the restaurant are dishes of fresh fish and seafood such as sea bass, sea bream, squid or shrimp, and for lovers of meat delicacies there are delicious lamb or duck. Desserts and desserts are made according to modernism trends and can certainly match the world scene. The wine list contains numerous Croatian and foreign labels, and the friendly and cordial staff will help you choose.

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Lovranska Draga 1 , 51415 Lovran


(13 reviews)
This restaurant consists of French delicacies. It also consists of local and coastal dishes. Their shrimps were really amazing. It was well prepared and had the right flavor. It was really delicious.
The food quality in this location is top-notch. I loved how they used home-grown and locally sourced ingredients in the preparation of the meals.
They have a variety of dishes to choose from. The squid was really lovely. It was well served. It was prepared in a French way. It was very unique. I loved their wine it was just the best.
The desserts are made to match the world scene and both their physical appearance and taste are on top notch. The seafood was fresh and according to the waiter the food changes with seasonality adding to the speciality and quality of the food. I loved it here.
Wonderful cosy place that is peaceful and well decorated. We enjoyed some delicious meals and the environment was great with spectacular views of the landscape. The cool breeze was amazing and we had remarkable time.
very good!!!
The wine list was rich,we had a variety to choose from the numerous Croatian and foreign labels with the help of the waitress who was knowledgeable about every brand. I loved how the restaurant has blended local, coastal gastronomy and French approach to food and groceries. It is a plus for the restaurant.
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