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Pizzeria Sorriso


Pizzeria Sorriso is located in the heart of Fazana and has been delighting its guests for many years by offering them the highest quality selection of top pizzas, from classic to novelty. The dough is handmade and baked in a large bread oven, and the ingredients and fillings are fresh, locally sourced and seasonal, which greatly contributes to the quality. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also offers classic Mediterranean-Dalmatian dishes such as fresh fish and seafood dishes, various pastas in sauce, risottos, hot and cold salads and meat and grilled dishes. The desserts, which are fresh daily, are also very tasty. The drink menu goes well with the offer of dishes, and there is a particularly large selection of juices, beers and Croatian wines. The staff here is friendly and cordial, and the restaurant also has the option of delivering food to the address. In summer, you can enjoy your favorite pizza and drink on the spacious terrace.

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Phone: 052 520 500

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52212, Fažana


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
This pizzeria is exquisite. It offers a perfect place to relax. Its terrace is well arranged. Their pizza was delicious. They offer a lot of drinks to choose from
This restaurant covered our appetite, the menu is simple with local cuisines and little Italian thrown into the menu.The coconut crust was my favourite, soups are delicious and are served inside a bread bowl. Hands down, the best pizza we have ever had in our life.
Have been here thrice and it has turned out to be my favourite pizza spot. I tried the Sorriso which has eggplant, peppers and rabbit and I must admit it is sweet.It is a good spot to chill for a quick bite.
This restaurant is a hidden gem, it is small but designed in beautiful designs,it is nice and clean , I loved the artwork and artisan concept depicted here. It was a great casual place to eat and visit with my whole family. Good customer services and reasonable prices.
This place is an all around creative spin to Italian cuisine. We given the choice to choose between eating inside and outdoor, we chose outside because of the beautiful patio. The mozzarella balls with guava were fantastic.
The menu majorly consist of Mediterranean dishes. It has a spacious terrace. Their pizza was marvelous.
8 of 20 Restaurant from Fazana based on rating