Old Shatterhand


Old Shatterhand is a small family restaurant in Rakovica, on the Plitvice Lakes, which has been successfully serving regional and Italian cuisine for many years. The offer is dominated by kebabs, pizzas, burgers, burgers and kebabs, and the most popular dish for which guests keep coming back is Shatterhand burger made from a mixture of Sarajevo kebabs with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce and purple onion. Even vegetarians in this popular bistro will not stay hungry, and guests who are at the destination and do not have time to visit them Shatterhand will always be happy to deliver their specialties. Large sun terrace, warm and unpretentious interior, affordable prices and more than dedicated hosts are additional reasons to choose this gastronomic destination.


№1 in 10 Restaurant from National park Plitvice Lakes
№181 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia
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Selishte Drezhnichko 14A, Rakovica, Plitvice Lakes National Park 47245 Croatia


(6 reviews)
An amazing place to have a stop over when on a trip around the the National park Plitvice lakes. The atmosphere at the place is superb an i loved every moment that i had at the place. Relaxing and refreshing place to be and I would recommend a visit to the restaurant and would come back again.
very good!!!
We visited the National park Plitvice lake for the weekend with my fiance and had the chance to visit the restaurant. It was awesome and we completely loved the hospitality at the restaurant. The hostesses were courteous and the entire staff were friendly. Their ability to communicate in different languages was superb and i enjoyed myself at the place.
The reception at the restaurant was amazing. We loved the services that the restaurant had and they were top notch. The staff were great to us and we didn't take a lot of time before we were served the delicious meals.
The dishes that are offered at the restaurant are top notch. We loved the menu that served all the meals from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. The diverse selection is amazing and being a vegetarian i enjoyed my meals at the place. Delicious food freshly prepared and i loved the veggie-burgers and a refreshing drink that accompanied it. Unforgettable moments to live for.
We visited the restaurant with my friends and had dinner meal. We were amazed by the complete service of the meals starting with some awesome appetizers then to the main food and the dessert was finger-licking. Mouth watering dishes that we would visit again to have.
8 of 10 Restaurant from National park Plitvice Lakes based on rating