Licka kuca


If you are looking for a wide range of specialties of indigenous flavors prepared in new ways and served in the original ambience, then Licka kuca is a location you must visit. What has made them one of the most popular and high-quality gastronomic places for years is the fact that the bases are made exclusively from vegetables and meat from local productions while doughs and desserts are produced in our own bakery and meat is processed in our own butcher's shop. food, for example in the ripening of meat, in the cold and hot smoking of meat products such as own production of sausages, in the production of own pasta or in the production of local original spread - Lika basa. On the rich menu you can find dishes such as "Licki zvezljaj" in which guests are served a dish that simulates roast lamb with a side dish from the oven, but prepared in small portions or "Orzoto of lamb" in which the traditional cereal barley is skillfully combined with by reducing dark Velebit beer and its own Spanish beef bone stock with braised lamb meat from Lika. Desserts and desserts are also very tasty - in addition to traditional Lika strudels, they also have their modern variants: the popular cheesecake cake in Lika House is made from Lika base, and glazed with plum jam cooked in Licka kuca. 

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Rastovača 11, 53231, Rastovača


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