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La Fabbrica Pizza and Bar


La Fabbrica Pizza & Bar is located in the heart of Omis, and for many years delights its guests by offering them the highest quality selection of top pizzas, from classic to new home. The dough is fresh, handmade and baked in a large bread oven, and the ingredients and fillings are fresh, of local origin and seasonal, which greatly contributes to the quality. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also offers classic Mediterranean-Dalmatian dishes such as fresh fish and seafood dishes, various pastas in sauce, risottos, hot and cold salads, and meat and barbecue dishes. The desserts, which are fresh daily, are also very tasty. The menu of drinks goes well with the offer of dishes, and there is a particularly large selection of juices, beers and Croatian wines. The staff here is friendly and cordial, and the restaurant also has the option of delivering food to the address. In summer, you can enjoy your favorite pizza and drink on the spacious terrace.

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Fosal 19, Omis 21310 Croatia


(4 reviews)
I was amazed by the restaurant fast services and customer friendly services. Also, the restaurant delivers food to people so one can order food from the comfort of their houses. The most exciting part was to enjoy drink and meals on the spacious terraces as we admired the beautiful nature of this restaurant.
The dough of the new home pizza served to us was fresh and the ingredients fillings were fresh too. It was delicious and its sweetness keeps me spreading the word of how this restaurant is the best. If you want well cooked tasty pizzas, then this is the place to be.
very good!!!
We ordered dome desserts and they were tasty.The menu of the drinks was tight, we had a variety to choose from ranging from the juices, beers and Croatian wines. I took juice while my friend went for the cold beer.
7 of 8 Restaurant from Omis based on rating