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Cocopazzo Wine and Dine Restaurant


Cocopazzo Wine and Dine Restaurant is located in the heart of the historic, old town of Omis, and is a very attractive place on the Omis gastro scene. Modern ambience and pleasant atmosphere is what attracts guests at first. The menu consists of the best that Dalmatian-Mediterranean cuisine offers, and the dishes are prepared using modern and creative techniques of preparation, processing and presentation of food. The wine list is rich, contains many top Croatian and foreign labels, and goes perfectly with the menu. The professional and friendly staff will be very happy to help you with your choice, and it is up to you to enjoy the rhapsodies of smell and taste. In summer, you can enjoy your favorite meal on the spacious terrace in a romantic setting.

№4 in 8 Restaurant from Omis
№140 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia

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Trg Sv Mihovila 1, Omis 21310 Croatia


(8 reviews)
The modern vibe and cool atmosphere here are so attractive. The staff are cordial and professional I loved it.
Its Dalmatian - Mediterranean cuisines were very delicious. They were prepared in a traditional yet modern way. I really loved it
The staff are friendly and their services were on top notch as they were ready to answer questions and even serve at a command. We had a taste of the best wines in Croatia, what i loved most is the modernity and the creativity depicted in preparing their dishes. How they present their food to their guests is what wowed me most.
I visited cocopazzo wine & dine in Amish and had an amazing time. I loved all the dishes they served, especially the cheesecake which is a must-try. The service was also very good and I had a great time with my friends over thousands of decibels of music.
We were attracted by the modern ambience and the pleasant atmosphere of the Winery. We enjoyed our dishes on the spacious terrace in the romantic setting we took in fresh air and then enjoyed the beautiful scenery and nature around us. Must visit again.
very good!!!
Cocopazzo Wine & Dine is an excellent place to enjoy wine and good food. During my visit, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the variety of Italian wines available. We tried red wine and white wine, and both were great. The prices are very affordable, especially during happy hour when they have a two for one special. They offer different types of pasta too!
7 of 8 Restaurant from Omis based on rating