Die Bucht Stiniva


Die Bucht Stiniva befindet sich an der Westküste der Insel Brac in der Nähe von Sutivan. Wenn Sie Ihren Urlaub in einer ruhigen, sanften Bucht der Insel Brac verbringen möchten, besuchen Sie die Stiniva-Bucht und genießen Sie die Wärme der Sonne und das kristallklare Meer.

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Insel Brac

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No doubt the beach had the best restaurants around and we enjoyed the delicacies. Variety of dishes to pick from and we loved the seafood prepared at the place and it was amazing have a meal and drinks at the place.
The sandy and pebble beach was among the amazing places that we visited on our tour around. We loved natural shade from the trees and it was comfortable and cosy as i was relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. Remarkable time and the sun was exactly what i needed.
Went swimming at the turquoise sea and the experience was nothing i have ever had before. We enjoyed the marvel of the place with views and the weather was conducive for our stay at the place.
very good!!!
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