Der Sandstrand Gonar


Der Sandstrand Gonar ist ein Familienstrand in der Nähe von Supetarska Draga. Der Strand bietet einen schönen Blick auf die nahe gelegene Insel Boljkovac. Da der Strand leicht zugänglich ist, gibt es in seiner Nähe Parkplätze.
Innerhalb des Strandes befindet sich ein Tauchzentrum, in dem Sie eine Tauchschule besuchen oder organisierte Tauchtouren unternehmen können, und wenn Sie möchten, können Sie ein Boot, ein Boot oder ein Beiboot mieten.
Neben dem Strand gibt es auch ein Restaurant und ein Café.

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Place Type

public beach


Insel Rab

Place Location

51280, Supetarska Draga 328, 51280, Supetarska Draga


(4 reviews)
Sandy beach is a family beach which offers a beautiful view of the nearby island. I really enjoyed diving and the boat riding parts. the turquoise and clear water sparkles in the sun.
They had me at diving in this beach. If you don't know how to dive,they offer a diving school or schedule a fun organised diving tour. I enjoyed everything about the tour because it really showed some good diving spots. Sandy beach is a beautiful place that also offers a great view of the nearby island called Boljkovac.I also had the liberty to enjoy a hearty meal at the nearby restaurant.
Sandy beach is just a wonderful place to be in. I visited this place with a group of classmate and actually enjoyed the place a lot. The people here are friend and there are a lot of activities that can be carried out while in this place. beach games like volleyball are played by locals and its actually enjoyable watching it.
very good!!!
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