Der Zigeuner-FKK-Strand


Der Zigeuner-FKK-Strand, wie ihn die Einheimischen nennen, bietet ein unverfälschtes Robinson-Crusoe-Urlaubserlebnis. Er befindet sich im nördlichen Teil von Lopar mit einem schönen Blick auf die nahe gelegene Insel Grgur, die Sie mit einem Boot schnell erreichen können.
Der Strand zeichnet sich durch seine sandigen Felsen, ungewöhnliche und interessante natürliche Formationen und das smaragdgrüne Meer aus.
Sie können den Strand zu Fuß oder mit dem Auto erreichen und sich auf den sandigen und felsigen Plateaus sonnen.

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Place Type

public beach


Insel Rab

Place Location

Lopar, Otok Rab


(6 reviews)
The beach was a little haven for us. The crystal water and the sand that adds to the brightness of the beach gave us a feeling of the Croatian beauty.
The sandy and rocky plateaus offer for a nice place to sunbathe. the beach is easily accessible by car or on foot. The emerald green sea is quite a sight. It is not a crowded place and you can get the peace and quiet needed during your vacation. It does not have enough natural shade so carrying a bit of luggage(umbrella or parasol) wouldn't hurt.
My wife enjoyed the emerald green sea and loved the beautiful view of the nearby island of Grgur. She really needed the rest and i think i nailed it by bringing her here. We enjoyed sunbathing on the sandy and rocky plateaus on the beach.
Scenic views of the sea and the island from the sandy rocks beach that dominates all over. I had a cruise across the sea and it was enjoyable and relaxing to feel the nature and i love the experience.
I loved the view of the emerald green sea which dazzled when the sun rays illuminated the water. The beach offers magnificent panoramic views of the nearby island which we reached by a boat. Sunbathing on the sandy and rocky plateaus is unforgettable.
very good!!!
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