Der Strand Krcalo


Der Strand Krcalo befindet sich auf der nordwestlichen Seite der Insel Pag in Jakisnica. Es handelt sich um einen wilden, wenig bekannten, aber schönen Kieselstrand, an dem es nicht allzu viele Menschen gibt. Es gibt keine Straße zum Strand, die durch die Felsen und Olivenhaine führt.

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Insel Pag

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We visited this place with my friends and what really impressed me are the beautiful pebbles. It was fun breaking through the rocks to reach the beach since there were no roads. It is also quiet since there were no crowds there.
I loved the place. Even though we had to leave our car and walk a distance in order to access the beach, the beach had very few people and it was perfect time to hang out and enjoy the breeze.
It was perfect from the less number of people who were there. I loved the little disturbance from people as I sunbathed peacefully while enjoying the breeze. I would definitely visit there again
very good!!!
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