Der Strand Plat


Der Strand Plat ist ein Sandstrand in der kleinen Stadt Drazice auf der Insel Pag. Das warme und seichte Meer macht diesen Strand ideal für einen Familienurlaub mit kleinen Kindern. Am Strand gibt es einen Parkplatz. Ein Teil des Strandes ist für Hunde bestimmt. Am Strand gibt es keinen Schatten, aber es gibt Sonnenschirme, die am Strand aufgestellt sind. Neben dem Strand gibt es ein Café, in dem Sie sich erfrischen können.

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Place Type

public beach


Insel Pag

Place Location

53296, Zubovići


(4 reviews)
The availability of enough parking space to accommodate a large number of vehicles as well as a section aimed for dogs was perfect addition to the beach. It is a to-g beach if you are looking for fun time
I loved how the beach catered for the different family members. There were parasols and deck chairs where adults and parents could relax while the kids enjoyed playing in the shallow waters. Also, there was a section for dogs to be pampered. It was a fulfilling experience and I will return soon with my family.
An ideal spot for family vacation, this saundy beach has a warm and shallow beach. It even has a section for dogs, something I found added to the attractivenes, I got the chance to just allow my dog to really be active. Although there is no shade in this beach, there are parasols set up on the beach fo rvisitors. Anyone taking a break from swimming and other activities can get refreshments from the nearby cafe.
very good!!!
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