Konjska Beach


Another one of the several lovely tiny beaches along the coast of Bashka, this beach is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a solitary day by the sea.


Surrounded by large rocks, it provides privacy as well as shelter from the wind. The terrain is mostly pebbled with some rocks with a similar terrain making the sea bed. The sea comes in shallow for the length of several meters.


You can only reach this cove by boat, so if you do, don’t forget to bring a beach umbrella. This tiny place overlooks the town of Senj on the mainland and its tower of Nehaj.

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Insel Krk

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The place was beautiful and with a very therapeutic scenery. Great place for some quiet time since it is not crowded and the people there are quite friendly. Loved the place
If you are into rocky beaches, Konjska Beach along the coast of Bashka is the place to be. Small beautiful pebbles makes the beach floor magnificent. There are big rocks formation that are found in the sea about a hundred metres into the sea giving it a feel of a rugged sea terrain which would actually make good evening photography site as you can capture the evening sun in between the rock formations.
My experience at Konjska beach was one of the best. The beach had a cool-clean water and the trees surrounding it provided a nice and relaxing breeze. From a distance, the beach had a nice view which made taking pictures irresistible.
very good!!!
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