Strand von Banj


Der Kieselstrand an der Nordseite der Bucht Stari Grad ist für kleine Kinder und für Menschen mit Behinderungen geeignet. In der Nähe finden Sie Restaurants, und Sie können auch Liegestühle zum Entspannen und Sonnenbaden am Strand mieten.
Auf der Südseite der Bucht Stari Grad befindet sich der nicht weniger schöne Strand Lanterna mit einem Kieselstrand, der über eine Treppe ins Meer führt. Hier finden Sie auch Erfrischungsduschen und einen Umkleideraum.
Zusätzlich zum Nationalpark Mljet, der sich im westlichen Teil der Insel befindet, sind aufgrund des Reichtums an bestehenden und potenziellen archäologischen und historischen Unterwasserfundstellen die gesamten Gewässer der Insel Mljet geschützt, was einen 300 m breiten Meeresgürtel von der Insel bis zu 2000 m umfasst. Innerhalb der präventiv geschützten Zone gibt es derzeit 11 registrierte, 3 präventiv geschützte und 8 registrierte archäologische Unterwasserfundstellen. Die ältesten Funde stammen aus dem 2. Jh. v. Chr., die jüngsten aus dem 16. Jh., was diese Stätte zu etwas Besonderem macht.

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Insel Hvar

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21450, Hvar


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This beach favoured my disabled kid who was able to walk freely and even swim in the pebbly beach . We relaxed at the deck chairs that we rented for sunbathing. Highly recommended for families with small children and disabled kids.
Took my girlfriend to the cinema at the beach and it was so lovely. The wind blowing from the sea and a perfect movie was just what we needed. We had to rent deck chairs since we couldn't sit on the pebbles during the whole movie. We later on grabbed some ice cream at the center and enjoyed the sun since this is the sunniest island in Croatia.
My kids found fun in climbing up and down of the stairs to the sea. They enabled them easily access the sea and even have a good time swimming in the sea. There were after refreshments changing room charging at affordable price.
Many beaches really do not consider people with disabilities but i was amazed with this one. I am traveler and i think should emulate this. This really stood out for me.
Banj has cool blue waters . The pebble beach is easily accessible and offers various facilities. There a showers and changing rooms for swimmers and kids have a playground.
The villa near the beach have essential facilities like the swimming pools that also have changing rooms that are clean and provide the utmost privacy. The services rendered here are of a top notch and they are based on the principle of the customer satisfaction. It's a great place to visit.
The pebble beach with clear waters is definitely a vibe. the restaurants gives you a chance to enjoy some amazing foods and drinks. If you want to swim, there are changing rooms. You can also rent deck chairs to relax on at the beach.
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