Das Theater von Hvar


Das Theater von Hvar wurde 1612 gegründet und ist eines der ersten städtischen Theater in Europa. Es wurde auf dem alten Arsenal gebaut - einem Raum für die Reparatur von Galeeren und die Lagerung verschiedener nautischer Geräte. Das Äußere des Theaters ist größtenteils in seiner ursprünglichen Form erhalten geblieben, während das schöne Innere aus dem 19.

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Stadt Hvar

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Trg svetog Stjepana 44, 21450, Hvar


(15 reviews)
Am honored to learn the great history of this place. Of how this theatre helped in a big way to bridge cultural and class differences being experienced back in the days. The interior decoration and arrangement of this location is mind wobbling. The lively aura of the music from the performances in the theatre is so relaxing and refreshing. I got a chance to see the backstage of the performances and it was superb.
I loved the historical exhibitions in the Theater.The Roman architectural structure of the theatre is mind blowing especially the mix of old and modern architectural buildings here. It was delighting to set my eyes on the different types of old age weapons. I also took some photos in the arsenal to remember my tour. The boatyard display of the theater makes this tour to this place worthwhile.
I visited the Hvar theater and Arsenal in October of 2018. I was lucky enough to be there on performance. I got an opportunity to visit backstage. It was superb.
We had the luck of visiting the place and finding an event that was taking place at the theatre. We had and amazing time and fun at the place and has an amazing history that usually is interesting to hear. It was unforgettable place and the events were awesome.
very good!!!
Great historical place we visited and had the chance to view the exhibits in the building. The mix of old and modern architectural building is catchy and we loved it completely.
Historical place that I visited with a Roman architectural structure and lovely exhibitions that I attended.
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