Fishermen's craft Pisanica is a family company on the island of Hvar with a hatchery in Sucuraj and a farm in Bogomolje. It is a specialized store, ie a shellfish farm that offers daily fresh shellfish, fish and other seafood locally caught from the depths of the Adriatic Sea. The current production of 130 tons is expanded to an additional 250 tons in the first phase and 600 tons in the next, and after that the annual production will increase to over a thousand tons of fish and 300 tons of shellfish. Some of the fish farmed here include: labin, fennel, hama and delicious oysters and mussels.


№1 in 2 Oysters and shells from Island of Hvar
№182 in 1804 Oysters and shells from Croatia

Food Type

Oysters and shells


Insel Hvar

Food Location

Pisanica d.o.o, Bogomolje, Hvar


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The beauty of this restaurant is that it is right next to the sea. You can enjoy your meal as you feel the breeze or enjoy the view of the sea. Their oysters were exceptionally spicy and extra juicy. It was yummy.
very good!!!
The labin at this fish farm was tasty. They just used the right ingredients were added in right proportions
This fish farm is located next to the Adriatic sea. Its menu is basically sea food. I really loved how their fish is locally obtained. Their recipes were quite unique.
I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves shellfish. It is full of fresh tasty shellfish and other seafood.
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