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Bartulovic Winery is located in Potomje on the Peljesac Peninsula. The Peljesac peninsula is known as a place where top wines are made. The Bartulovic family has a long tradition of growing vines and producing wine, and the modern period began in 1989 with the separation from the cooperative winery. Since then, it has been a winery that follows modern technologies, but also pays special attention to ecological production. The vineyards are spread over 3 hectares. They are distributed on several smaller plots, which allows the production of different wines. The annual production is about 12 thousand bottles. About 80% of the production is red variety Plavac mali, and 20% white variety Rukatac.
In the winery, it is possible to taste and buy wines.

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very good!!!
Visit to this place was a pleasant experience. I really liked the way it is decorated and the architecture is beautiful. The wine we tried were amazing and well-priced.
When I visited i had a fantastic experience that I will never forget, the owners are very kind and knowledgeable as they were able to answer all of my questions with great detail. The best part of my visit though was trying their wines which were amazing and very well priced.
The tasting of wines in the winery was great. We tasted two white wines and Rukatac was our great choice.We also enjoyed the Bartul which is a red wine, and were given a Peljesac souvenir to take back home. Definitely worth a stop.
I walked through the three hectares of vineyard and learned how the wine is produced from the planting of the seed to the cellar containers.
We had a fantastic day hanging out with Mario at the winery, he was friendly and explained everything we needed to know about the winery and wines produced here into details. Mario's mother and sister cooked for us pasta dish and it was mouthwatering. The winery has kind people.
During our visit here, we went for a scenic bike riding downhill before going for wine tasting at the winery. We then took a fabulous meal which included homemade meats and cheese. The trip will remain memorable in my mind.
4 of 5 Winery from Potomje based on rating