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Borik beach is a beautiful sandy beach very popular with locals and tourists. Borik also has stone parts that are great for sunbathing, and it is located only four kilometers away from the center of Zadar, so it is easily accessible. The proximity of Zadar also allows you to enjoy many restaurants and cafes. The beach also has natural shade due to the tall pine forest that surrounds it. The sea here is clean and of vehun quality. Also, on the beach you will find numerous facilities for recreation and entertainment.


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Ul. Majstora Radovana 7, 23000, Zadar


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The beach is crowded and has natural shade from the pine trees and cafes and restaurants that served tasty meals and drinks that we loved. We had a great time and therapeutic time sunbathing and was well entertained throughout.
This beach is sandy and beautiful and very popular among tourists. It is crowded because of the easy accessibility. There are a variety of restaurants that you can have food and drinks from. There are various recreational activities so you won't get bored. And the sea water is very clean.
The beach has a wonderful ambience and is perfect for family. The stone parts are great for sunbathing and it is easily accessible. The beach also has natural shade due to the tall pine forest that surrounds it and on the beach we found numerous facilities for recreation and entertainment.
it is the most popular beach because of its favorable features among the visitors. Being that the waters are shallow, I engaged in swimming and it was fun. Sunbathing was one of the most amazing thing that I enjoyed.
The beach has greenery pines trees which gives the beach a beautiful view. It has got a spacious natural shade which protects one from strong rays of sun. My thoughts were took away by the locals who had a wonderful traditional track, it was awesome..
I loved that the beach is closer to the center of Zedar where you can find few banks, a shopping mall and variety of restaurants where you can finish just about anything. The beach itself is quite nice!
Super nice and clean beach with plenty of hotels and cafes along the beach to get food and refreshments. There is a lot of activities you can do such as renting boats for deep sea exploration
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