Ranko Marinković Memorial Room


Dedicated to the famous Croatian writer Ranko Marinkovich, native of the island of Vis and Komizha, and best known for his works Gloria and Cyclops (Kiklop), this collection is really an ongoing project. While it can boast an excellent collection of the author’s works - various editions of his plays, articles and reflections on his work, photographs and video records and so on - it strives beyond just keeping them on display. The custodians of this project, the Ranko Marinković Memorial Association, intends to keep Marinkovich’s work alive through readings and workshops, especially by making it more available to children and teenagers.


The collection is open for public viewing twice a week, though exact times change according to the season. You can find it on the second floor of Cultural Center of the town of Vis.

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Ul. Viški Boj 13, 21480, Vis


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