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Puntizhela is a beautiful sandy pebble beach located in Mlini near Dubrovnik. The sea is clean, shallow and calm. Due to the nearby mouth of the river, the sea on this beach is a bit colder than in other places nearby, so here you can refresh yourself and get away from the heat of the sun.

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Really loved the cool and refreshing swim on the mouth of the river coming to the sea. It was a great escape from the heat during the summer for sure. I honestly didn't feel like leaving this place. It just had a sense of calmness and peace and the fact that there weren't a lot of people, it just made the experience even more fun.
Last summer my family and I got to enjoy the clean, shallow and calm Puntizhela beach. The beach is a beautiful sandy pebble sea with a place for a refresh away from the heat of the sun.
If you want to swim in a warm summer evening. Then Puntizhela is definitely the place to be the presence of river mouth in the nearby. The beach is a blend of sand and pebbles making it just perfect. The changing room are ample and in abundance.
very good!!!
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