Proshchansko Lake


It is said that Proshchansko Lake was named after stakes or the legend of the Black Queen, who was "asked" by people to send rain during a great drought and soak the thirsty land. The queen took pity on them, covered the sky with black clouds, and the rain fell and fell until the lakes formed. This lake is the second largest and deepest in Plitvice.

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53231, Plitvički Ljeskovac


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
I was fascinated by the beautiful waterfall that flows to the turquoise lake and it was fabulous to watch. Unforgettable moments.
We enjoyed canoeing at the lake and had alot of fun with my friends. We had remarkable time at the lake.
We went hiking around the lake and the experience was unique and we had fun and loved the view of the landscape.
I loved walking along the bridge in the middle of the lake. it was very calm and the plants were colourful
Proshchansko lake is a superb place for enjoying the goodness of nature. I saw trees, birds, and waterfalls there. It had some clouds with it but it was still pleasant. I enjoyed hiking at the waterfall and taking a lot of photos.
The lustrous vegetation spread all around the lake offer cool shade throughout the day. I loved swimming in the cool waters of the lake.
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