Plava Beach


Plava Beach is located in the center of Vodice and is one of the most popular in the town. It consists of gravel, concrete and sand parts. It is especially popular among families with children. Swimmers have changing rooms, showers and toilets at their disposal. Access for people with disabilities is also provided. Nearby is a children's playground, climbing rock and volleyball court. During the season, safety is taken care of by the rescue service. Along the beach, there are many cafes and restaurants.

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public beach



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Ul. Ive Čaće 15, 22211, Vodice


(6 reviews)
It was superfun to try rock climbing with my friends. It was scary at first but as we went higher the experience was awesome. My kids had a playground to play their games as we played volleyball. Cafes and restaurants are also available
The gravel, concrete and sand beach is quite the sight. Provides access for differently abled people.There are rescue services here and a a children's playground together with changing rooms and showers.
I loved rock climbing at the beach and later on took a swim. The beach is also accessible to people with disabilities. The beach has changing rooms, showers and toilets at your disposal. Their is also a rescue service that provides safety on the beach and responds to any emergencies.
During our visit here, this place was not crowded. The beach is partly sand, partly concrete and partly gravel.We had a good time to bond as friends. Showers and toilets are available. There is also volleyball and rock climbing. Best place to team build.
The kids had an awesome time playing at the gravel, concrete and sandy beach that we visited for the summer. We went swimming as the kids played volleyball and we had a great time and later went and had a delicious meal at the restaurant. The beach has changing rooms, showers and toilets that are instrumental.
very good!!!
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