Palmizhana Beach


Palmizhana beach is the oldest resort in Hvar and has been declared one of the ten most beautiful tourist destinations in the entire Adriatic. It is characterized by beautiful lounge bars and top restaurants, but also bays that can hardly be imagined. Palmizhana beach is located on the island of Klement near Hvar. A beautiful bay with a pine forest in the background, is rocky with pebbles, and here are the mentioned top restaurants.The island of Klement can be reached by private or taxi boat from the town of Hvar.

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Island of Hvar

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Ul. Vlade Avelinija


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What I enjoyed about Plmizhang beach is sunbathing. The smooth sand was lovely. So great beach.
This beach is the oldest in Hvar. Its beauty is captivating. I enjoyed a yacht ride. The view of the inland is spectacular at night when everything is lit up.
The hotels here are high class and services offered top notch. i loved the view of the beautiful waters from the boat and hotel, and swimming in the waters
I fell in love with this beach. Walking on its sandy beaches was therapeutic. I enjoyed sunbathing as it gave me an opportunity to enjoy the scenic view
I enjoyed swimming in its blue waters. it was quite therapeutic
Beach is very clean and is a pebble beach. I enjoyed relaxing at the sunbeds with the umbrella and loved the amazing views of the blue turquoise waters of the sea.
Watching the boats sailing across the beach was extremely therapeutic. I experienced alot of relaxation during this trip.
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